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Paintbrushes, move over. There’s a cooler way to paint in town. Enter water transfer printing, a hydro-coating process that essentially uses liquid images and ink to coat 3-D objects of any material. If only this sorcery could be used for our nails… new venture?

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Mac DeMarco - Passing Out The Pieces

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one quantum mathematics story

Active waves create momentum, passive connectors avoid collapse. Contradictions are constant randomness known as existence.

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Spiffy’s First Full Feature! 

Perry Kveton’s 1974 BMW 2002tii:

You may have seen a couple photos of our friend Perry’s 2002 on Spiffy before, but this winter it went under the knife.

Perry shot some awesome photos of his vintage rally mobile in the Tahoe, CA. area. Speaking form a regular passengers perspective I can tell you it is impossible to have a bad time in a car like this!

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russia’s lake baikal, the world’s oldest, largest and deepest freshwater lake, freezes over for half the year, creating the clear, turquoise ice seen in these photos by (click pic) alexey kharitonovalexey trofimov, santorifotovalery chernodedov and dmitriy sharov. (see also: more russia and lake baikal posts)

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Austere, a retail concept founded by Fredrik Carlstrom in Downtown LA, is a window to Scandinavian design, where stablished brands are promoted alongside emerging designers in a curated environment. Fredrik’s vision is to provide a multi-use, active space that can host social gatherings or collaborations and evolve over time - with the addition of a barber’s shop in the coming months.


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ALCHEMY WORKS is a gallery, retail, and events space concept, located in the Arts District of Los Angeles, California.

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